Month: September 2016

Same Day Dentistry

Same Day DentistryVisiting the dentist every six months for checkups can help you discover many dental problems before they become severe. However, there are times when you just cannot wait for your regular checkup. Same-day dentistry services are designed to address urgent dental care situations such as infections and broken teeth.


Toothaches are often caused by dental decay. As your tooth’s enamel is worn through by bacteria and acids, the softer dentin is exposed. If the decay is not repaired, it may move through the dentin and into the pulp. At this point, you may have a severe toothache that requires pain relievers. This is a sign that your tooth is dying, and prompt treatment is needed.

Abscessed Teeth

A tooth abscess is an active infection at the center of the tooth. The tooth’s pulp becomes inflamed, which irritates the nerve. You may have a severe toothache, swelling, and difficulty swallowing or eating. Your gums and jaws might also swell. These are signs of a serious infection. A same-day dentist can treat the infection with antibiotics. Root canal treatment may be needed. If the infection is severe, the tooth might need to be removed.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Biting into a hard food or experiencing trauma to your face may cause a tooth to chip or crack. A same-day dentist can repair small chips by placing a filling or bonding material over the chipped area. In some cases, a dental veneer may be needed to correct the tooth’s shape. A badly chipped or cracked tooth might need root canal therapy followed by the placement of a crown.

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