Month: February 2017

Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

The best smile is a healthy smile. To achieve a healthy smile, your dentist may recommend oral surgery. Although you might be intimidated by the word “surgery,” this type of treatment is designed to provide the relief you need for some dental problems.


At Highland Family Dental care, Dr. Faye Nazari performs several types of oral surgery. These include:


  • Frenectomies: These treatments restore the look of your smile if the gums are pulling from the teeth or receding.
  • Extractions: Teeth must sometimes be removed. This can be done to relieve crowding, treat disease or repair damage from an injury.
  • Post-extraction Restorations: Grafting can prevent bone loss after a tooth has been removed. There are several options for filling the empty space, including partial dentures, bridges and implants.
  • Implant Placements: If teeth are missing, you may be a candidate for implants. A screw is inserted into the jaw, and a replacement tooth is placed over it.


Some oral surgery procedures, such as frenectomies, are quite simple. Recovery time for these is quick and easy. Other surgeries are more involved. They require anesthetic during the procedure and recovery time afterward.

Oral Surgery Aftercare

After a procedure, the dental staff will advise you on what to expect and how to take care of yourself during the recovery process. Often, patients are encouraged to take it easy for a few days, apply ice, rinse with salt water and eat soft foods. Swelling can last about 48 hours after surgery, and your healing will continue over the next several weeks.

For all of your oral surgery needs, visit Dr. Faye Nazari at Highland Family Dental Care. She and her staff will take good care of you from the beginning to the end of every procedure.