Use of Laser in Dental Cleaning

Highland MD Dentist

Use of Laser in Dental cleaningDiode laser has many applications in dentistry. Some areas that it can benefit patients include dental cleaning, routine dental cleaning known as dental prophy, deep cleaning known as scaling root planing, and dental debridement.

The diode laser used in our office has a wavelength of 810 nm. The high energy of laser is transmitted through a very fine tip to the area of interest and reduces the number of bacteria that is damaging the soft tissue. Laser is target specific and PAINLESS.

What does the laser do? During routine dental cleaning, the high energy of the laser destroys a high number of bacterial cells and reduces the number of bacteria present in sulcular area in between the gum and the teeth. This has a few advantages, including a lowered number of bacteria in combination of dental cleaning which will allow the gingiva (the gum) to become healthy. In most cases this will facilitate the reattachment of the tooth and tighten up. The laser also can be used in curettage and sulcular debridement. There are some studies done that indicate with a lower number of bacteria in sulcular area at the time of dental cleaning, the less risk of traveling bacteria through the vascular system. This can reduce the negative effect of systemic problems.